Don-Deleted! Donald Trump's Cameo In 'Home Alone 2' Has Been Removed And His Son Isn't Having It

December 27, 2019

He's the Don of all trades apparently. Before becoming the president of the United States, Donald Trump had his hands in a few different ventures, and yes, that includes acting. And now, one of his appearances has been removed, but why?

Donald Trump's acting career

Being in front of cameras was never a problem for the POTUS. Sure, he was famous behind the scenes, but he didn't mind getting a bit more recognition on TV either.

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The Washingtonexaminer reported some of President Trump's TV appearances which include Spin City, Suddenly Susan, The Nanny, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Home Alone 2 and many more.

Of course, he never considered acting as a full-time career and in many of these appearances, he played himself.

Donald Trump's 'Home Alone 2' scene removed

According to reports, Donald Trump's cameo scene with child actor Macaulay Culkin has been removed from the version broadcasted by the Canadian Broadcasting Network. It was reported that they did this so that they could create some time for commercials.

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It wasn't exactly clear when CBC made the cut but it was believed to have happened in 2015 according to some viewers. Even though the outlet defended the action by saying it was just to make time for commercials, some people still opined that it was due to the publication's biased feelings towards the United States president.

While Donald Trump himself hasn't responded to the matter, at least not on social media, his son, Donald Trump Jr. has tweeted an article that discusses this report. And to ensure we never forget this scene, he reposted a video of it too.


Some internet users have shared their opinion about this CBC move.

Some other ventures explored by the President

Donald Trump was a very successful businessman. Check out some of his ventures.

  • He set up the Grand Hyatt Hotel.
  • He owns the Trump Tower.
  • He has a modeling agency too, called Trump Model Management.
  • He was the creator of the TV show The Apprentice.

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Donald Trump has gradually built himself into one of the most successful people in the world, even all the way to the presidency. He's an icon for many reasons but one thing we can say about him is that he embraces every opportunity. He may not have won the Oscars but he did explore the world of acting. And with his level of success, we doubt a deleted scene will keep him up at night.

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