Michael Schumacher's Health Update: F1's Wife Reflects On His Condition On The 6th Anniversary Of The Accident

December 26, 2019 14:35

Michael Schumacher's wife has been through thick and thin with him, especially after unfavorable skiing incident several ago. She was slammed for keeping her husband hidden from the public eyes, but actually, she's just fulfilling his wishes.

Corinna Schumacher admitted she had been carrying out her husband's wish for privacy. Formula One's health condition is unknown to people since 2016, but it's not Corinna's decision to make.

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Michael Schumacher's health update

The German world champion suffered a severe brain injury, which resulted in a coma. Though Michael Schumacher's wife flies under the radar, she gave the rarest health update on December 26.

December 29 is Michael Schumacher's six-year anniversary. Corinna Schumacher reportedly told fans, who launched 'KeepFightingMichael' social media campaign:

Big things start with small steps. Many small particles can form a huge mosaic. Together you are stronger, and that is exactly how combined forces of the KeepFighting movement make it easier to encourage others.

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It seems like Michael's former Mercedes boss, Nick Fry, 'inspired' the Schumacher's family to give updates on F1 legend. He wrote in his book, Survive. Drive. Win:

Corinna and the family have kept a very tight control on information about his treatment, which, I think, is a pity ... Because of what he achieved, people would like to know about his condition; they are inquisitive, and they genuinely feel for him.

Fry concluded:

I do think that reporting on how he is, regardless of whether it is good or bad news - and possibly it is bad news - is important because people can empathise with him.

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People send wishes and support

@Catherine DeMercurio:

May God heal him

@Steve Cooper:

It's good he's well cared for. I imagine he's not able to cope with anything outside or may not be able to communicate. There is always hope with new research done. 🙏

@Randolph Bridger:

Must be so hard for the family to have someone there but not looking at the most beautiful landscape with no noise to fulfill the moment... beauty with sad

@Ahmed Saatci:

We hope to see Micheal in public again.

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Timeline of Michael Schumacher's condition

  • December 2013: traumatic skiing accident + coma
  • June 2014: release from a hospital for recovery after suffering a coma
  • September 2014: return to home for additional rehabilitation
  • 2016-2019: no favorable information about his full recovery

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Formula One legend's family fiercely protects his privacy per his wishes. They reportedly have spent $16 million for his recovery and were forced to sell some of his luxury belongings. However, we also think fans deserve to know the truth about his health conditions so that people can pray more and keep him in their thoughts on further recovery.

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