"My Memory Has Been Getting Worse": Pop Legend Tony Christie Fears He's Developing Dementia At 76

November 5, 2019 11:33

Tony Christie is an English singer, musician, and actor, who is best known for the recording of Is This The Way (Amarillo) — a double UK chart success.

The iconic star is already 76 years old, though he continues to thrive. His latest album, 50 Golden Greats, was released in 2016; his most recent appearance, in the pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk at the Cambridge Arts Theatre, happened in 2017. He was touring in Germany in 2019 as well.

Tony Christie 2019

As it typically happens to senior people, the English singer has severe fears of developing dementia. At the beginning of November 2019, the pop legend got candid on his frequent memory loss following a series of situations in the tours.

The all-time great musician, who has a history of family dementia, admitted he now forgets lyrics while performing, and he, therefore, needs autocue. He also struggles to remember his bandmates' names from time to time.

I've noticed for a few years now that my memory has been getting worse, which is a serious concern, especially as there's a history of dementia in my family.

During Tony Christie's tour across Germany, the 76-year-old confesses he fails to remember what city he was in at the time of the concert.

I had a particularly embarrassing moment recently when I walked on stage in Leipzig and told the audience, 'It's great to be back in Hamburg'. I tried to laugh it off, but it's actually no laughing matter for me.

Tony Christie discussed all his worries in a new autobiography, titled The Song Interpreter. In fact, his wife of 51 years, Sue, helped him remember most of the things as he "just couldn't remember."

What are the early signs of dementia?

Dementia is an acquired disease. It is a persistent decline in cognitive activity with the loss of previously gained knowledge and practical skills and the difficulty or impossibility of obtaining new ones.

According to the Alzheimer's Disease International website, the early symptoms include memory loss, problems with language, difficulty performing daily tasks, disorientation, poor/decreased judgment, mood or behavior swings, misplacing things, social withdrawal, etc.

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A lot of senior people have dementia, and it is deplorable to witness for other people. If you have anyone with similar symptoms, maybe, it's time to take some action.

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