Late TV Chef, Gary Rhodes, Once Catered To Princess Diana And Tom Hanks

December 18, 2019 09:52

Gary Rhodes passed away in November 2019 and it's no surprise that fans from all over the world were heartbroken about his death. This man made a massive impact in the culinary world and many people appreciated his talents.

According to TheGuardian, the late TV chef passed away due to bleeding in the brain. The publication obtained a statement from his family which revealed that the 59-year-old had been working on a new TV series and appeared to be in perfect health on the day of his health. Sadly, he collapsed suddenly and was rushed to the hospital.

In the statement, Gary's family confirmed that he had bleeding between his skull and brain which ultimately became the cause of death.

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Gary Rhodes' achievements

According to the Independent, Gary had an impressive career that spanned about 35 years. The spiky-haired chef became well known for encouraging people to eat some national classics and he soon began appearing on TV screens, warming the hearts of fans through such shows as Rhodes Around Britain, Masterchef USA and Hell's Kitchen.

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Gary Rhodes' cooking shows were big hits, making him a household name. He also once appeared on BBC's Strictly Come Dancing in 2008 but he was soon eliminated from the competition.

Before Gary Rhodes' death, he catered to stars

We bet there were several memorable moments in Gary's career but did you know he catered to some of the biggest names?

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One time that stood out was when he catered for the late Diana, Princess of Wales and actor Tom Hanks. This big moment happened after the London premiere of the film Apollo 13 in 1995.

During an interview, Gary revealed that he not only cooked for these two stars and their guests, but he also joined them to enjoy the meal too.

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He gave some details of this experience, saying:

It was at the restaurant Greenhouse, where I was head chef. I can't even remember what I cooked for them, it was such a very special moment.

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Tributes to the late star

Gary Rhodes' obituary inspired several tributes from fans who shared their words on social media.

@Sandra Foster:

Chef you will be sadly missed, condolences to your wife & family, you will forever be missed.

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@Sonya Brown:

Fantastic chef.

@Seanagh Maclean-Hughes:

So sad.

@Teresa Kenny:

I liked him above all the celeb chefs, a sincere gentleman.

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There's no doubt at all that Gary was a successful man. His work took him places and clearly, he even got to enjoy amazing moments with some of the biggest icons. He had a full life and a vibrant career. Even though he's gone now, the impact of his work will be felt for years to come. And that's what made him legendary.

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