Comfy On A Surfboard: Proud Dad Peter Andre Sings His Daughter Princess' Praises As He Shares The Little Girl's New Hobby

November 6, 2019 13:00

Peter Andre's child Princess Tiaamii is giving daddy a reason to be super proud. And we're feeling the love.

Princess Tiaamii's parents are Katie Price and Peter Andre. Princess is their first daughter who was born in June 2007. Over the years, the budding young model has been in the middle of Instagram controversies after mom Katie would share photos of the little girl pouting or wearing makeup.

In 2015, Princess defended herself in a video posted by her mom where the little girl said she did her own makeup and it wasn't anyone's "beeswax." She continues to make appearances on both her parents' social media pages.

Princess Tiaamii's new hobby

Princess' dad, Peter Andre couldn't be prouder of his daughter recently when he posted a snapshot of the little girl looking comfortable on a surfboard.

The 46-year-old TV personality shared the photo and praised Princess' interest in surfing. The 12-year-old is seen belly down on the surfing board with a bright smile on her face as the ocean surrounds her. You can just tell she's having a fantastic time.

In the caption of the post, Peter gushed about his "little surfer girl" and revealed that the picture was actually taken by Princess' friend's mom. He described it as a "great shot."

Clearly, Peter isn't the least bit concerned about Princess' new hobby. It's cool to see that rather than encourage her to focus on something safer, he's so proud of her for her choice and the girl appears to be very happy too.


Many fans of the singer praised this gorgeous photo and also complemented the girl.

@shereen_410 commented that Princess is "naturally stunning," and @deborahleask says she's "so so pretty."

@vicki_scrivener described the snap as a "great photo," adding that "she is gorgeous." Another commenter @elainecattrell commented:

Like a mermaid.

It's really sweet when a parent not only takes interest in their child but also celebrates the special moments. Fans of Peter Andre are also happy to see that his daughter is happy and thriving while exploring all the possibilities around her.

What a cutie!

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