Cocky Lori Loughlin Believes The Jury Will Be Sympathetic With Her During College Admissions Trial, Reports Say

November 29, 2019 13:56

Lori Loughlin's next appearance in court is approaching fast, but, reportedly, the Full House star feels hopeful as she insists on her innocence in connection with the college admissions scandal.

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Lori Loughlin believes the jury will sympathize with her

A source told US Weekly that Lori Loughlin feels very good about her chances to get on the jury's good side and make them sympathize with her.

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According to the source:

She feels they’ll believe that the accusations against her don’t merit criminal prosecution. She truly thought she was making a legal contribution to a charity.

Loughlin is one of the few parents involved in the college admissions scandal who maintains her innocence and believes she will be justified. Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman already pleaded guilty and received her punishment.

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Reactions online

@Alba Rodas-Zarate:

Does she know how many parents are struggling to put their kids they college the right way?

@Dawn Burbine:

Her lack of remorse will make them want to make an example out of her....I hope!

@Norma L. Reyes:

She is really way too confident she's getting away with this crime. Most likely buying the judge and jury too.

@Susan Vidot:

Good luck with that😠

What do you think is going to happen with Loughlin?

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