Demi Moore Opened Up About Her ‘Devastating’ Addiction To Ashton Kutcher And How It Affected Her Daughters

November 5, 2019

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s relationship was filled with drama. The pair met in 2003 and, despite the 16-year age gap, they married 2 years later.

However, their union was ill-fated. The couple split in 2011, surrounded by rumors about Kutcher’s cheating. Years after her divorce, Moore decided to put everything that happened during her marriage with Ashton on paper.

She released a memoir where she revealed how, initially, she had ‘never been so happy’ with anyone as much as she was with Kutcher, yet claimed he pushed her into breaking her sobriety.

What happened between Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher?

In a brand new interview for Red Table Talk on Facebook Watch, the Ghost star opened up about her addiction to her former husband, Ashton Kutcher.

Two of Demi Moore’s daughters, Rumer and Tallulah, were there to give their side of the story. The actress shared:

The addiction and the co-dependency… like my addiction to Ashton — that was probably almost more devastating because it took me seriously away emotionally.

Tallulah nodded in agreement, adding that her mother’s behavior with Kutcher made her feel ‘forgotten’ and unloved. She was 9 when Demi relapsed after almost 20 years of sobriety.

When Moore was asked why she thinks she quit sobriety, the actress revealed that she wanted to be the woman Ashton could ‘do stuff with.’

People think she should let go

@April Phelan:

She needs to GET A LIFE. Stop trying to make yourself relevant with tales from the past. MOVE ON, he has.

@Premilla Vennela:

You know what’s sad. She was an amazingly talented lady and actress. Better than him or Bruce. She’s got some issues so does everyone. But work on yourself forget about the men in your past their no one. Find yourself again Demi and move forward.

@Flo Gallegos-Chavira:

Please why this at this time... he has moved on without her and is very happy with his new family...... she has to take Responsibility for her addictions... Time to let it go Demi...

Moore completely broke apart when Kutcher moved out and let her addiction take over. Her 3 daughters and former husband, Bruce Willis, stopped speaking to her. Only after landing in the hospital, Demi decided that she needs to change her life and, luckily, she was able to get sober again.

Demi Moore