Billy Connolly Opened Up About Last Conversation He Had With His Dear Friend Robin Williams

December 17, 2019

Robin Williams and Billy Connely had been friends for a long time. Billy Connolly and Robin Williams became close friends after meeting during a filming of a Canadian TV show. The two funny men bonded very quickly and kept in touch ever since.

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Williams’ passing was a hard blow for the Scottish comedian who had no idea that his dear pal was on the verge of ending his life. Robin Williams actually met with Billy Connolly a few days before the tragedy happened. But what did he say to him?

Billy Connolly on Robin Williams

Billy Connolly has talked about a very painful subject. The Scottish star revealed what happened during the very last meeting he had with his dear friend Robin Williams.

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Connolly shared with Adam Buxton that he met with Williams for a meal in LA just days before the 63-year-old took his own life. Billy recalled:

He [Williams] wasn't suicidal at all, he didn't have a history of it. It was really weird. We met for dinner, he was looking very thin and kind of haggard about the face. I said 'are you looking after yourself?' and he said 'yeah, I've just lost a bit of weight recently'.

Connolly noted that he didn’t even suspect what his pal was planning to do after their conversation. He continued:

Before we left, he said 'I love you, you know that, don't you?' and I said 'of course I know that'. He said 'are you sure you know it?' and I said 'yeah, it's good'. That was the last I said to him.

Only after the news about William’s passing, Connolly realized that by saying ‘I love you’ his friend was saying goodbye.

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Robin’s demise was a shock for many. Later it was revealed that the beloved actor was battling with dementia with Lewy bodies, which causes depression. He also was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, just like Connolly.

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Billy said that sometimes he thinks that he ‘could have done more’ to help Williams. Connolly had been suffering from Parkinson’s for 10 years, unaware about the disease.

Fans reactions

@Lynda E Fournier:

You must have been a good friend. So sad for him. Don't think many new about that illness. Really important to seek help and to have the people who care about you be there

@Joyce Welsh:

Awww poor Robin so sad. Billy Connolly is a Beautiful soul and would have been the best friend to Robin ever

@Mary Wright:

He was an amazing actor and left us too soon. It was such a tragedy the way he ended his life. My heart is sad that we will no longer see this beautiful and amazing man. No one can ever replace Robin Williams, he was a man of many voices and beyond his years in talent. I miss watching you

@Laura Anderson:

Parrish I’ve often wondered if these two had a friendship outside of their professions. Both men are remarkably talented and memorable! Blessings to both.

Many people around the globe still mourn Robin Williams. He was a talented actor and a great guy. We doubt that Connolly could have done to help him. But he gave Robin the last enjoyable conversation.

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