George Michael’s Sister Slams Elton John For Saying Singer Was Uncomfortable With Being Gay

November 12, 2019 16:50

George Michael was Elton John’s good friend. There were a lot of things that connected the two singers and helped them to bond. One of them was their sexual orientation.

Both George and Elton preferred men, however, Elton claimed that Michael was ‘uncomfortable’ with it, which might be the reason why she didn’t want to live anymore.

Did George Michael feel bad about being gay?

George Michael’s friendship with Elton John started ages ago and the two stars shared a lot about their personal struggles with each other.

Recently, the Rocketman hitmaker decided to reveal one of his late friend’s secrets, claiming in a new interview with CBS that George Michael was extremely ‘uncomfortable’ about his sexuality.

However, George’s sister Melanie Panayiotou doesn’t agree with Elton’s words. She fired back at the singer, defending her brother’s romantic preferences.

She said to The Big Issue that George was ‘very proud to be gay,’ despite what John said.

Social media’s reactions

@Krystal Æ Charman Peck:

So pleased, good for her, Elton always wants all the attention and isn't happy unless he gets it, let this be a lesson to him!!

@Nikki Hampton:

Anyone can say anything about someone. As long as the people closest to him knew the truth that's all that matters. He was obviously one kindest, most generous souls in this world. RIP George

@Elaine Senior:

Does it really matter - He was a beautiful careing loving soul....a very giving generous person - let him rest in peace

@Karen Pennington:

You tell him Mel!

Only George Michael himself could have told us who’s right or wrong but, sadly, he passed away 3 years ago. We can only hope that deep down he was happy, no matter what other people say about him now.

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