“I Love Him As A Person”: “Rocketman” Star Taron Egerton Gets Personal About Elton John, And His Close Friendship With Legendary Singer

November 8, 2019 10:18

They say, “love yourself, because nobody else will,” and Sir Elton John is proving why this saying is true with his praise of actor Taron Egerton, the man who portrayed him in the Rocketman biopic.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the 72-year-old singer shared that he now sees Taron as part of his family, a very huge compliment.

As it turns out, the feeling goes both ways as Taron is equally fond of the iconic rockstar, who he considers a dear friend too.

He doesn’t want me to be constantly looking at him like he’s God… He wants me to look at him like he’s my friend, which he is.

Taron loves Elton “as a person”

Most celebrities can make difficult friends since it’s hard to separate the star from the “person” they are, out of the limelight.

Sharing with ET, Taron revealed that his relationship with Elton is special since they relate on a personal level.

The things I love about my friendship with him aren't really anything to do with the fact that he's Elton John… I just, I love him as a person.

Taron, who confessed that he gets overwhelmed thinking that two of them are friends, received the Hollywood Breakout Actor Award for his stellar portrayal of Elton John in Rocketman.

On the day Taron received the award, Elton called him to congratulate him personally, proof that they have a close bond.

While Taron is not a great singer, he’s a stunning actor who nailed the portrayal of a great musical icon in a way that charmed many audiences.

Elton John and Talon Egerton are a great duo

A few weeks ago, the two sang Don’t Let the Sun and according to the Kingsman actor, who posted a picture of the two stars together, they “had a good time.”

Their fans also think that they make a great duo as friends and as stars.

@thereallukeevans: Amazing!!!!!

@cadehudson22: So so good

@lucylilyyy: too cute

@chantelle.estell: This is beautiful lad ❤️ proud of you both ❤️

Have you watched Rocketman? Does Taron Egerton nail his portrayal of Elton John in the film?