Jenny McCarthy Tells All About The Life-Changing Christmas Gift She Got From Husband Donnie Wahlberg

November 26, 2019

Donnie Wahlberg’s relationship with Jenny McCarthy started out in the most bizarre fashion ever. When Wahlberg went on The Jenny McCarthy Show in 2013, he started flirting with the beautiful show host and within a year, they were married.

For Wahlberg, McCarthy became the woman that healed his broken heart after a devastating divorce from his first wife of 9 years, Kim Fey, with whom he had 2 sons. But as Jenny McCarthy’s husband, Wahlberg stepped up a great stepdad to her son Evan, who was diagnosed with autism in 2005.

As a couple, Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg have become inspirational, as they proved that love truly knows no bounds.

Jenny McCarthy’s Christmas gift from Donnie Wahlberg was special!

Well-thought-out Christmas gifts are rare but when done right, the right gift can win a heart. Speaking to Page Six, McCarthy shared that one Christmas past, her husband Wahlberg got her the best gift ever.

Donnie handed me one of the greatest gifts ever, which was, I don’t even know how to explain it, but basically that he was taking care of Evan’s college tuition.

According to McCarthy, when she received that gift, she broke down since it was very thoughtful of her and her son’s future. Before the gift, McCarthy had worried about her son’s future, wondering if she could afford to take him to college and cover other bills.

It shows you what kind of human being he is too to just recognize something like that in a single mom and her son… Thank you, Donnie.

With his generous gift, the Blue Bloods star took Jenny's worried away and proved that not all good presents come wrapped in a bow since sometimes, the best gifts come from the heart.

Donnie Wahlberg plans the most outrageous dates for his wife

Besides being great at giving gifts, the devoted dad is also incredible at planning romantic dates night and according to McCarthy, they are epic.

After Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born was released, McCarthy was dying to see it in the theatres and for their date night, Wahlberg rented out an entire movie theatre for a private showing. The screening, which was just for the two of them was the best thing ever and just the thing that McCarthy looked forward to seeing.

The icing on the cake was Wahlberg’s sweet Instagram post on Valentine's Day that proclaimed his deep love for her.

These two were clearly meant for each other and their lives prove that love is real and no matter how long one waits, it will always knock on the door. What do you think of the sweet couple? Isn’t Jenny McCarthy the luckiest woman?