Kathleen Turner Discloses Her Worst On-Screen Kiss Was With Burt Reynolds In 'Switching Channels'

November 15, 2019 10:34

Actors are known to fake expressions, emotions, and even good chemistry with co-stars. We may just admire their great talent but, we also deserve to know fascinating or distasteful backstories.

Kathleen Turner is not holding back while openly sharing Burt Reynolds' desynchronization with her.

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The two worked together on the 1988 comedy film, Switching Channels. It was later made notorious for a nasty feud between Burt Renolds and Kathleen Turner on the set. The movie was a box office flop and got diverse reviews from critics.

Their discord resulted in Kathleen's worst pretend-kiss

The actress recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. During the segment 'Taking A Turner For The Worst', the host asked Kathleen an intriguing question: "What was your worst on-screen kiss?"

She replied in a heartbeat:

It has to be with Burt Reynolds.

Turner further elaborated she had been practicing with Michael Caine who was a good choice. He got involved in Jaw 4 and dropped the project with Kathleen. She was pregnant and had a contract that was like a ticking clock. The producers then cast Burt Reynolds.

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Burt wasn't a fan of her either

Before his death in September last year, Burt also sat with Andy Cohen. During the 'Plead The Filth' quiz, he was asked who is the most overrated 80s actress in his eyes. The actor readily gave him Kathleen Turner's name. No surprise there!

It's apparent that Kathleen and Burt never reconciled. What's more interesting? They never tried to hide their despise of each other from the media. Share this and sound off.

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