Tupac Sakur's Mom Died Without Any Closure, Knowing That Her Son's Murderer Went Unpunished

November 7, 2019 14:34

Tupac's mom Afeni Shakur was a former member of the Black Panther Party. After's her son's mysterious murder, she coped with the loss through philanthropy and activism. The lady was loved by her community and people followed her.

It's heartbreaking how agonized the last few years of her life must've been. She never got closure over the rapper's death.

Afeni Shakur passed away on May 2 of 2016. Following the report of a possible cardiac arrest at their family's Sausalito home, she was emergently transferred to Marin General Hospital. About an hour later, the icon's mother was pronounced dead. Lieutenant Doug Pittman confirmed there was no foul play or anything suspicious about her departure.

No justice served

It's been more than two decades since Tupac was gunned down in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, the case remains unsolved, denying his family any sense of fairness and trust in the judicial system. Afeni Shakur entered her own grave with the haunting knowledge that her son’s killer roams free. He went unpunished.

Donald David who managed Tupac's estate after his demise revealed to People how Afeni felt about it. As a mother who lost her child, she was furious and disturbed. He further explained:

She was angry because she felt that nobody was trying to find out what had really happened. She was angry that it happened, but she was more angry, I think, that it was trivialized.

Conspiracy theories

The legend's fans had a different way to get over his passing. They are denying he even died. According to the Sun-News, many have claimed that Tupac is still alive and lives somewhere in Cuba. The artist faked it all to detach himself from dangerous gangs.

When it comes to catching a murderer, police laments that they need proof, not just awareness who did it. Share this and pray for the mother and son's soul.

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