Fred Rogers' Wife, 91, Delves Deep Into What Kind Of Man Her Husband Was Behind The Cameras: "People Were Important To Him"

November 12, 2019 10:40

Fred Rogers' wife Joanne was there as the star's support system for many years while he captured the adoration of millions all over the world.

Fred was made famous thanks to the children's show Mister Rogers' Neighborhood which ran for an impressive 33 years. In this show, children got to learn a lot about feelings, life events and other information that many adults didn't know how to share with kids.

His honesty and warm personality shone through on screen. So much so that even those around him were positively impacted.

Fred Rogers' Wife on her late husband's character

Fred Rogers passed away in 2003, and many years later, Joanne, who was married to him for 50 years, is opening up about what type of man he really was behind the cameras.

In an interview with People, the 91-year-old said:

People were important to him. He was to me and to the family who he is to everybody else.

Joanne told a story of how Fred, despite hurting his ankle and walking on crutches, took a trip to South Carolina to see a high school friend who had cancer.

She also shared a sweet story of when the White House informed him that he would be getting the Presidential Medal of Freedom (in 2002).

Joanne said that when he was told of this honor and the date it would be taking place, Fred immediately said he couldn't make it because it was his and Joanne's 50th anniversary. But the representative of the President invited the couple to "come celebrate here" in the White House.

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In addition to being a great TV personality and an amazing husband, Joanne also noted that Mr. Rogers was a fantastic father.

When our sons James [now 59] and John [now 58] would get a little rambunctious, or it was a rainy day and nobody knew what to do, Fred would say, ‘Let’s have a parade!’ He’d go to the piano and play and they’d march around. Music almost always put everyone in a good mood.

Their lasting marriage

After a written proposal, Fred and Joanne Rogers got married in June 1952 and the couple remained together until 2003 when the famous entertainer passed away due to stomach cancer.

Fred and Joanne welcomed two sons in the course of their marriage.

Sometimes, people can be different in real life from the way they are portrayed on cameras. But it doesn't sound like this was the case for Fred Rogers. His wife's words tell a story of a man who was kind and sweet to everyone around him. And this is why he will always be remembered.

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