Tilda Swinton's Ex John Byrne Confesses That He's The Child Of His Mother And His Grandfather Because "It's Tradition"

November 19, 2019 12:07

Already in their 20s, Tilda Swinton's children are all grown up. The actress welcomed twins with her former partner John Byrne in 1997. The kids, Honor and Xavier Swinton Byrne are thriving as they pursue their respective career paths.

Honor decided to follow her mother's lead by being an actress. According to WomansDay, she made her movie debut in the film The Souvenir, but, before then, she and Xavier enjoyed a lowkey and quiet lifestyle, courtesy of their protective parents.

As a famous British actress, it's not a surprise that Tilda is very well known. But the father of her children, John Byrne, has a pretty fascinating history too. And he revealed it in a tell-all interview.

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Tilda Swinton's children's dad John Byrne discusses his family

In a 2017 interview with the UK Times, John opened up about his past and his family. He revealed that he's the product of an incestuous relationship between his mother and his grandfather.

The artist said that he didn't learn about the truth until 2002 from his cousin Eileen. John's mother had confided in Eileen before she passed away. Eventually, at the Scotland home which he shared with ex Tilda, Eileen finally revealed the truth to him.

John said, in the interview, that his mother didn't divulge this family secret to him before she passed away in the 80s. However, when Tilda first learned the truth from Eileen, she insisted that her partner had a right to know.

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The writer told the publication:

I think he gave me that wonderful mixture of genes with his own daughter, the eldest of the family. That's what they do in Ireland. I presume it's what they do in unlettered places and lettered places. It's traditional, and nobody speaks about it.

Tilda and John ended their relationship in 2005, three years after this revelation. He went on to date lighting designer Jeanine Davies.

John Byrne and Tilda Swinton's closeness

Tilda Swinton once attracted quite the scandal after reports began circulating that she was living in the same home with ex John and her subsequent partner Sandra Kopp.

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However, during an interview with GQ, she confirmed that she and John were very close despite the fact that they had both moved on with other partners. But this didn't mean she was in a polyamorous relationship like people thought.

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Tilda Swinton's family has been a source of interest for her fans. Her children seem to be making quiet moves while she remains an iconic part of the entertainment industry. And learning this past about her ex-lover shows that there's more to her life than her acting career.

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