Trio For Life! Owen Wilson Has 2 Handsome Lookalike Brothers And They Both Are Famous Hollywood Actors

November 28, 2019 16:31

Did you know that good-looking and talented Owen Wilson has two brothers? Andrew, Owen, and Luke are the children of Laura Wilson (née Cunningham) and Robert Andrew Wilson, who come from Irish descent.

Owen Wilson and his siblings' father Robert sadly left this world at the age of 76 back in 2017. The patriarch of the Wilson family passed away fighting Alzheimer's disease, being survived by his wife and three sons.

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Owen Wilson's brothers

The Midnight In Paris star has two incredible siblings, who as handsome and famous as he is. Andrew is the eldest brother in the Wilsons, who is an American film actor and director.

Andrew Wilson has appeared in some Wes Anderson movies with his brothers, including Rushmore as Coach Beck and Bottle Rocket as Future Man. Though the 55-year-old is good-looking as Owen and Luke, his style is a bit 'shaggier' due to messy hair and a long beard.

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Owen Wilson's youngest brother, Luke, is also an American actor known for his roles in movies Blue Streak, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Bottle Rocket, and many others.

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Andrew looks more like the trio's mother, Laura Wilson, while Owen and Luke resemble their late father so much. However, only Owen has blonde hair, inheriting it from Robert, while other brothers took after their mum.

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It seems like Andrew, Owen, and Luke are super close to one another. Not only they starred in movies together, but they've been seen together on some social occasions, looking handsomely charming.

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Ah, if only you knew how much we love celebrity siblings! Indeed, Owen, Luke, and Andrew Wilson are on good terms and keep in touch without letting the public know.

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