"I Wish You Were Dead": Nathan Lane Recalls How His Mother Failed To Accept Him Being A Gay

November 12, 2019 12:28

Nathan Lane isn't embarrassed about his gender preferences, and he, therefore, doesn't comprehend why people can wonder about somebody's sex life.

The Tony Award-winning actor made a coming out in 1998 after the death of Matthew Shepard, a victim of violence against gays at the time. In movies, Nathan Lane plays gays as well, as he feels comfortable in such roles. But there was one person who wished him dead after such a revelation.

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Nathan Lane's mom

The American actor once opened up about his mother's non-acceptance and disapproval of her son's gay life.

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In a 2003 interview with The Boston Globe, Nathan Lane recalled his mom Nora's reaction to his coming out. He was only 21 years old when he confessed. Her response was:

I wish you were dead.

Then-young man sarcastically replied:

I knew you'd understand.

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Notwithstanding, Nora Lane made a point of seeing all her son's shows.

What she used to say was, `I'm not saying it because I'm your mother, I'm saying it because it's true. You were the best one'.

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Lane's father was a truck driver, an amateur tenor who drank himself to death; his mother was a manic depressive, helpless for extended periods during Lane's childhood.


The award-winning actor tied the knot with his partner, Devlin Elliott, after 18 years of relationship. In November 2015, the two men said, 'I do' at City Hall. Lane's rep told PEOPLE:

Nathan and Devlin were married in a small ceremony in New York City this week. Everyone is extremely happy.

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Well, isn't it beautiful to live the life you want, and nobody else? Nathan Lane is probably an excellent example for many people who are afraid of their lives and surroundings, isn't he?

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