Michael McIntyre Believed His Dad Died Of A Heart Attack, But 17 Years Later, He Found Out The Truth — He Committed Suicide

December 20, 2019

Michael McIntyre followed in his father’s footsteps and became a successful comedian. His dad, Thomas Cameron McIntyre, known as Ray Cameron, was one of the writers of Kenny Everett’s TV shows and co-creator of comedy panel game show, Jokers Wild.

Michael McIntyre was the highest-grossing stand-up comedian in the world back in 2012, but his glory and global recognition are still incredibly impressive. Yet, his heart is still broken over the loss of his father.

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Michael McIntyre’s dad

During 17 years, Michael McIntyre was growing up believing his beloved dad had died of a heart attack at the age of 55. Only in 2010, his step-mother told him over a late-night call that Ray Cameron actually shot himself in a Hollywood apartment in 1993.

In 2010, McIntyre released his biography, in which he described his feelings toward his father’s heart issues and death because of it. Only then, the heart-breaking family secret was out, and the comedian’s life has never been the same since that day. Michael was only 17 years old when he lost his parent.

The step-mother, Molly, told the Mail on Sunday as follows:

I knew the researchers would find the death certificate because it is a matter of public record. I had to come clean. When I told him the line went quiet. I could hear the static. His only words were, ‘Are you sure?’ followed by ‘Oh my God, Oh my God…’

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Ray Cameron was struggling with work and loads of debts at the time, and it seemed like he couldn’t have dealt with all of that, except for living this world. Molly didn’t tell Michael and his sister, who was only 15, for their own sake.

I didn’t think the children needed the burden of growing up under the shadow of a parent committing suicide.

She believes that the TV personality would not have made it to the heights of his career if he had known about his dad’s suicide from the very beginning.

[Michael] said it would have created a lot of negativity, and he wouldn’t have looked at the world the same way. As it was, his father’s death motivated him because Michael was determined to make Cameron proud.

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Michael’s half-brother, Billy McIntyre, said that the comedian had “neglected the family” due to his anger and pain over the father’s suicide news.

After I found out about it, I went to England to visit Michael, andwe went out to dinner. I thought we were going to talk about our father’s death, but it was just brought up at the end of the conversation — it was the elephant in the room. There was a great amount of spite and anger coming from him, which I found surprising. He seemed angry about my dad.

He also believes that such shattering news caused severe issues in the family that may never be solved.

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