Ali Wong Gives A Candid Interview On Being A Breadwinner And Her Husband's Feelings About Her Success

January 13, 2020 18:07

Ali Wong met her husband, Justin Hakuta, in 2010. The two instantly bonded with each other at a mutual friend’s wedding and knew they had been destined to be together. Four years later, they made their romance official.

Who is Ali Wong’s husband?

  • He has started an entrepreneurial career after graduating from Harvard Business School.
  • He is also a businessman and a Vise-President of a tech company named GoodRx.
  • His dad is Ken Hakuta, known as ‘Dr. Fad’ in the TV show, The Dr. Fad Show.

Ali Wong’s husband

It’s unknown how much Justin Hakuta earns, but his wife Ali Wong’s net worth is reportedly estimated at $2.5 million. The couple successfully breaks biased gender roles, implying to Ali being a female breadwinner in their family.

In an interview with The New York Times, the 37-year-old got candid on her husband’s feelings about her success, and the response was honest, simple, and genuine. Who wouldn’t have felt happy and proud of your own spouse’s career and lifestyle?

I’m always asked how my husband is feeling about my success with a note of concern. He feels great. It’s not hard to feel good about your spouse making money.

Ali Wong also admitted that she frequently mocked Justin about making good money and being a breadwinner in the family. However, on a serious note, she is also proud of his success and career ladder.

I make fun of him a lot, but the truth is he’s a VP at a multimillion-dollar tech company.

Their professions are evidently different, but they have one thing that also requires a lot of work and effort — therapy. In a 2019 interview with the Health magazine, Wong confessed:

I’m very open about the fact that we go to therapy. We talk a lot about the transitions that we go through as a couple.

Although Justin is very happy for Ali and attends her high-end events time from time, he’s not an extrovert or ‘public’ person. That’s why couple counseling helps them to accept each other’s personality traits and preferences, even if some of them differ.

Ali Wong’s kids

Justin Hakuta and Ali Wong have two daughters. The stand-up comedian was so worried her husband wouldn’t love their firstborn that she gave their baby girl a Philipino name and his last name.

Although the married couple is delighted to have two children, Ali had a miscarriage once, and we know that it’s never easy for a woman. But she has never been scared to talk about this situation openly. The only thing she was worried about was that Justin’s parents would have thought of her as “a bad seed.”

Ali Wong is so cool! You really can feel positive vibes, confidence, and open-mindedness from her. The comedian seems to be very happy with her career life, being a working mom and a devoted wife. What do you think about non-traditional families, in which a woman is a breadwinner? Let us know your opinions!

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