'Queer Eye' Tan France Is 'Relieved' He Didn't Have To Come Out To His 'Strict' Dad After His Death

January 8, 2020

We never choose our family members, but we need to learn how to cope with all the problems happening within the immediate circle. Tan France, born Tanveer Safdar, was born and raised in a strict Muslim family.

In his biography titled Naturally Tan, the Queer Eye star admitted he wasn’t allowed to watch Western movies or even think of being another gender. From an early age, Tan France was afraid of enraging God for loving men. Yet, it did not prevent him from becoming whom he had dreamt of.

Tan France’s husband

In 2008, the Queer Eye personality’s life changed to the fullest when he met his future husband, Rob France, former Mormon and pediatric nurse, on a dating app. The two shared instant chemistry and managed to keep long-distance relationship until 2013 when they got married per the Defence of Marriage Act.

I still have the biggest crush on him. Every time I see him, I get this feeling like I can’t believe he’s mine.

Even though Tan and Rob come from opposite religious and cultural backgrounds, their similarities over lifestyle and worldview made them close to the core.

Tan France’s family

Tan is very cagey about one facet of his life, and it’s his family. What's known is:

  • His parents and siblings never talk about his queer side.
  • Tan France's father died when the boy was just 13 and he is relieved he didn't have to come out ot him.
  • The English fashion designer’s husband has never seen Tan's family, and they didn't attend their wedding.

He once said:

.... If my dad was still around, I definitely wouldn’t be living the life I do now. Or, if I were to, it wouldn’t be as peaceful as it is now. I probably wouldn’t have any contact with my family. They would have disowned me, I’m almost positive, so it makes it a lot easier that I didn’t have to come out to my dad, my mum is a lot easier going than my dad was.

Becoming a gay Muslim isn’t very common whatsoever, but Tan France doesn’t care about other people’s opinions. Of course, his family failed to accept him and his husband for about a decade, but it seems like everything is becoming smooth right now. The 36-year-old is living his best, and who knows, maybe he will become a father soon!

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