Kristin Chenoweth Found Out She Had Inherited Her Singing Talent From Her Birth Father She Never Met

December 16, 2019 16:42

Kristin Chenoweth was adopted when she was very young, namely "less than one week" she was born. Though the singer has spent most of her life with adoptive parents, she considers it the biggest blessing in her life.

Kristin Chenoweth has always known about adoption, and this fact was never held from her. Back in 2015, the award-winning actress revealed it all in an honest letter and even credited her birth mother, who wished a better life for her then-born baby girl. All she cares about is having loving parents who have always cared for her since day one.

Kristin Chenoweth's parents

Although Kristin Chenoweth has never been ashamed of being adopted, yet she always wanted to know her birth parents. Can you imagine that she had once found out she had inherited a talented voice from her birth father?

Talking to Larry King on his show in December 2019, the Oklahoma-born celebrity tearfully revealed that her birth father was a major musician, namely a pianist and "a perfect pitch." Kristin's adopted father, Jerry, is an engineer, so she knew that her singing talent didn't come from him or her adopted mother in that matter.

It was essential for her to delve into her original history. Though we don't have her birth father's performance, we suggest listening to talented and incredible Kristin Chenoweth.

Besides, the Wicked star confessed she had also met her birth mother. When she walked the door, her parent said, "You're THAT girl!" — all because she saw Kristin on some TV shows before their first-ever meeting.

She's an incredible, incredible person. And when I met her, she said, 'Can you forgive me?' And I said, 'Forgive you? You gave me life, and my parents Junie and Jerry, gave me a life, a chance at a life.' And I'm so grateful for her.

Kristin Chenoweth's children

The Hollywood star once confessed to Closer Weekly that she had sacrificed having a family and getting married to get on the top of her career. And now, in her early 50s, she is finally ready to do all of that. As her adoptive parents, Kristin hopes to give a home for at least one child via adoption, too.

I have many kids in my life that I take care of. In some ways, I feel like I've' adopted them. I would probably adopt before I have my own.

Kristin Chenoweth is such a strong human being! She's the brightest example for everybody how to be open-minded, persistent, and grateful for everything.

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