Single Mum Farrah Abraham's Daughter Sophia Has Never Met Her Father As He Died 2 Months Before Her Birth

November 27, 2019 16:38

Farrah Abraham found out she had gotten pregnant at the age of 16. She was a typical teen with big dreams, juggling school, cheerleading practice, and a part-time job before getting knocked up.

At first, the Teen Mom star didn't want to name the father of her child, but soon, but the man of Farrah Abraham's daughter was eventually identified as Derek Underwood. Their baby girl Sophia was born on Feb. 23, 2009 — before her dad's tragic death.

Farrah Abraham's baby father

The mother-of-one has raised her daughter Sophia entirely by herself. And although Farrah Abraham is a role model for mothers out there, her path was somewhat shattering.

The father of Farrah Abraham's daughter, Derek Underwood, sadly died in a car accident aged 18 — two months before Sophia entered the world. It was said that alcohol had gotten to do with his passing, though all official records proved his alcohol dose had been below the legal limit.

Besides, Derek Underwood didn't stay with his then-girlfriend side-by-side through the pregnancy, as he decided to broke up with Farrah when she was five months pregnant.

Sophia has never met her late dad, but the 16 and Pregnant alum has been doing anything to keep ex Derek's memory in their daughter's life. The girl is already 10 years old and sometimes pays tributes to Derek, alongside her mother, on social media.

Derek Underwood didn't get along with Farrah Abraham's parents, just like the single mother weren't on good terms with her baby father's family either. However, today, Abraham and Sophia have quite a favorable relationship with Underwood's father and step-mother, unlike his biological mum.


Farrah Abraham's daughter Sophia is doing therapy to cope with her father's death, even though she didn't know him at all. Appearing on Heather McDonald's Juicy Scoop podcast in October 2019, the Teen Mom 2 star shared the news:

We do a lot of family therapy because of her not having her father and also being in the public eye.

Interestingly enough, Farrah Abraham is open to expanding her family when the timing is right. Though the reality star is currently single, she would love to have another baby by herself.

I've always been open to adopting so there's a lot of good you can do there. I've always been open to adopting so there's a lot of good you can do there.

Abraham is thankful for everything she's gone through. Her daughter Sophia is her biggest blessing and power to be happy no matter what.

I can't even tell you. From being a teen who's pregnant, trying to graduate high school early, start college early…there was just so much change that went on during those eight months I was pregnant. When Sophia popped out, my whole life was different, so it was so dramatic for me.

Farrah Abraham is such an excellent example of how to stay strong and hopeful when life falls apart. She has raised a fantastic daughter, who is very intelligent and patient for her age. Well done!

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