'Till Death Do Us Part': Vinnie Jones & His Wife Were Both Diagnosed With Skin Cancer At The Same Time

January 10, 2020

Vinnie Jones and his wife, Tanya, were both diagnosed with the same disease, i.e., skin cancer. The couple had to battle it at the same time, and although it was challenging to undergo the same struggles, it united them.

Before diagnosis in 2013, Tanya Jones also had cervical cancer and had to have surgery twice to treat the most dangerous disorder. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it, and in July 2019, Vinnie’s wife passed away by his side at their LA home.

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Vinnie Jones & wife Tanya

Vinnie and Tanya Jones were together for 25 years before brutal death took her life at the age of 53. But what is more important after passing is happy memories.

The former professional football and his sweethearts were happy spouses and doting parents to her daughter from a previous relationship and their mutual son, who serves in the Life Guards.

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According to The Sun, the actor still talks to his late wife daily.

I talk to her all of the time. Constantly, every day. We have a little chat when I’m making my bed.

It seems to us like he feels her presence in his daily routine through small talks. Talking during a grieving process is one of the most effective methods to deal with pain, though not so many people can be an open book.

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The final moments

In October 2019, several months after saying goodbye to Tanya, Vinnie Jones gave a rare interview to Sunday Mirror, remembering the final moments with his wife.

... On the week of her death, the doctors said very nicely: ‘These are your options, we don’t know if it is going to be months or weeks.’ Through my grief, I said: ‘I don’t want her to be in any pain.’ So we took her home. Straight away, she was on the oxygen. Then she was on fentanyl. We got some beautiful innocent moments in those last days.

These moments at home were exceptional both for Tanya and her family. They could be beside her 24/7 and say a proper farewell before she left this world.

I think we’re the perfect match and I was lucky to find it.

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3 facts about Jones

  • He is known for his “hard man” image both on a football field and movies.
  • In 1997, he was convicted for criminal damage, and in 1998, he became convicted again for assault occasioning actual bodily harm.
  • He is a supporter of the Conservative Party.

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Losing someone is something that cannot be described, and we know that every person can relate to who has ever lost a beloved one. Vinnie Jones knows the real heartbreak of letting his wife go to another world after battling melanoma together. We hope they will reunite again as stay together forever up there.

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