Gay Actor Andrew Scott Is Low-Key About His Sexuality And Even Hid His Partner Of 15 Years From The Public Eye

November 29, 2019

Although Andrew Scott has had a male partner for more than fifteen years, the actor doesn't like to the label "publicly gay." He is reserved and particular in reality, preferring the micro to the macro.

Though he plays both straight and queer characters in movies and TV series, Scott said, that "you're never described as an openly gay at the party." He concluded that such a statement means defiance "I don't feel."

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Whom Andrew Scott dates?

Andrew Scott and his partner of nearly two decades, Stephen Beresford, seem to be no longer together. Although Sherlock star always talks about his sexuality, he is always cagey about his romances.

Back in 2015, Scott confessed he had dated a boyfriend. The two worked together in Andrew's movie Pride, which was written by Beresford. They apparently dated for more than 15 years before going their separate ways.

In 2019, the Fleabag star revealed to the Times of London newspaper that he and his partner were no longer a couple. So, Scott is currently single.

The Irish celeb has made it quite clear he doesn't plan to get married, though he has been supporting the equal marriage bill in Ireland publicly. He's just happy he has an option not to be married.

It's just an option. But it's about having the same options as everyone else. So now a gay person has a right not to get married.

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Andrew Scott is one of those people who has no social media accounts, preferring to be hush-hush about his personal life. However, the actor said that he was a private person but not a secretive one.

In a 2013 interview with Independent, the hunk explained why he had been low-key about his relationships and life as a whole.

I am a private person; I think that's important if you're an actor. But there's a difference between privacy and secrecy, and I'm not a secretive person.

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That's kind of impressive to meet a person in the 21st century who doesn't like social media and lives freely and happily without it. Andrew Scott seems a very wise and interesting individual, right?

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