Anna Wintour's Daughter Didn't Just Inherit Her Mother's Grace, She Takes After Mom's Fashion Sense And No-Nonsense Attitude Too

November 8, 2019 13:00

Anna Wintour's daughter may not be as well-known as her iconic mom but she has made her mark as well.

Anna Wintour is one of the most famous figures in the fashion industry. As the longtime editor of Vogue Magazine, Anna has basically become the go-to person for what's hot in fashion and style.

As for her personal life, Anna was married to David Shaffer and the pair welcomed two children; Charles, born in 1985, and Katherine (known as Bee) born in 1987. The couple eventually divorced and the fashion expert went on to marry investor Shelby Bryan.

Who is Anna Wintour's daughter

The curiosity about Anna's daughter is understandable. With the mom's famed grace and no-nonsense attitude, people want to know if her daughter followed in her footsteps.

Katherine (Bee) Shaffer has made headlines a few different times most especially when her engagement to film director Francesco Carrozzini was announced.

The couple reportedly met in October 2016 and it must have been an instant attraction because their engagement was announced only six months later.

Like her mother, Bee is also fashion inclined. Not only did she inherit mom's grace, but she has also stepped out on several red carpets over the years in flawless designer couture too.

As for her other interests, Bee once tried her hand in acting but she soon found out it wasn't for her.

Bee Shaffer is a very disciplined young woman who ensures people around her are the same which is another trait she shares with her mother. She once told Teen Vogue that she hates it when people are late because she believes "it's so easy to be on time!"

Bee is very careful about her time too. She said in the interview:

The one thing I inherited from my mom is I really like to go to bed early, and wake up early.

Even though she considers herself to be trendy, she admitted that she isn't as "fashion-forward" as her mother. But it sounds like she's every bit as hardworking.

Bee Shaffer's wedding

Bee and Francesco officially tied the knot in July 2018 in a lavish ceremony that took place in Long Island. The couple also had a second wedding in Italy, according to People.

If you're a big fan of Anna Wintour, you must be glad to learn these little tidbits about her gorgeous daughter. In many ways, Bee is just like her mom; beautiful, classy, elegant, dedicated and disciplined. But it's pretty clear that she's also her own woman who's making her mark outside of Anna's shadow.

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