Paul Anka's Daughter Amanda Is Blessed With Two Beautiful Girls With Actor Jason Bateman

January 10, 2020 13:54

If you're anything like us, then you must absolutely love learning more about celebrities' families. Today, we want to learn a little bit more about singer Paul Anka's offspring, and especially his daughter Amanda, who married famous actor Jason Bateman.

How many children does Paul Anka have?

Canadian musician Paul Anka is a very lucky - he's been surrounded by beautiful women his entire life!

In 1963, Paul married his first wife and mother of his children Anne de Zogheb. Unfortunately, they weren't meant to spend the rest of their lives together and divorced in 2001, but not before they filled their lives with joy.

Paul and Anne share 5 (!) daughters. We know, it's a lot, but not many people can boast such a blessing. Here's all of Anka's daughters in order of their birth:

  • Amelia;
  • Anthea;
  • Alicia;
  • Amanda;
  • Alexandra.

You might've noticed that all girls have their names starting with the letter 'A', we think it's in honor of their mother Anne, how sweet!

Now, we want to divert our attention to Amanda Anka, who inherited her father's creative gene and became an actress. She also married a fellow Hollywood member Jason Bateman and their family is one for the books.

Amanda Anka's marriage with Jason Bateman

Amanda and Jason got married in 2001 and have been inseparable ever since.

Although Anka had to put her career almost on hold to build a family with her beloved while allowing him to conquer Hollywood, we can't imagine she ever regretted it as their the happiest together.

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Jason rarely appears at public events without his lovely wife and they still look like teenagers in love. Amanda and their daughters (more on the cuties later) are always the focus of his speeches and make his life worth living.

Bateman once shared with Redbook magazine:

Our marriage has defied the odds and works really well. We are really aware of our boundaries. We know how to bug each other and not bug each other. If you don't get along, it's garbage. With a girlfriend, you get into a fight, you drive away. With us, we learn to fight quickly or not at all. I wanted to marry a friend. Friends last longer.

The couple even survived Jason's drinking habits. One day, early in their relationship, Amanda gave him the ultimatum: me or the booze, and, as you might've guessed, the actor made the right decision.

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Jason and Amanda's beautiful daughters

Looking at a couple like Jason and Amanda, we can't imagine them having anything less than adorable children. And they do!

Their daughters are little angels and took only the best features of their parents. Bateman and Anka have two sweeties: Francesca (born in 2007) and Maple (born in 2012).

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For Jason, this family is a dream come true:

Being a father of two is everything I wanted. I'm a big fan of marriage and being a dad. And my wife, Amanda, makes those things easy. She spoils me; she makes the husband part simple.

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As we already mentioned, Jason brings their family along for many events, and we can't be happier to see them together. Perhaps, Francesca and Maple can follow in their parents footsteps and also go into movies. We're sure they inherited plenty of talent to do so. Meanwhile, we can't wait to see more of this lovely family!

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