'Dateline' Legend Keith Morrison Is A Loving Stepdad To Matthew Perry And A Devoted Husband To His Wife Of Almost 40 Years

October 25, 2019

Keith Morrison is easily the king of true crime television. The Dateline host has been serving on the job since 1995 and is one of the most recognized faces of NBC. But what do we know about his personal life?

Keith Morrison's wife and family

Morrison met his wife Suzanne Perry long before he found success with Dateline. At the time, he worked as an anchor for CTV National News and destiny made him run into Suzanee who was a press secretary to the Prime Minister of Canada Pierre Trudeau.

Keith and Suzanne married in 1981. This union made Morrison a stepfather to Friends star Matthew Perry. The couple also had three children together and raised Keith's son Michael from previous marriage.

Morrison and Perry remain happy together to this day and are approaching 40 years of being married.

How is Keith's relationship with stepson Matthew Perry?

Morrison once told Andy Cohen during Watch What Happens Live that he adores his famous stepson and says "he's a very good guy."

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Matthew Perry even bought his stepdad a Porsche once. Now that's what we call a perfect stepson!

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