Did You Know There Was A Third Franco Brother? Meet James And Dave Franco's "Little Secret"

December 20, 2019 11:31

We're sure you're familiar with James and Dave Franco, both successful actors and very close brothers. Their parents, Doug Franco and Betsy Verne-Franco, were nowhere close to Hollywood before their children rose to fame. Betsy is a writer, while Doug was a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur. Unfortunately, James and Dave's father passed away in 2011.

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But you might be surprised to know that the Franco family actually consists of five people as James and Dave have another brother, Tom Franco.

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Who is the third Franco brother?

Tom Franco is the middle child in his family. He's five years older than Dave, and 2 years younger than James. As a result, he's the most "normal" one, at least according to Franco family values.

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Tom once told W Magazine:

I’m like the chill, calm one. Everyone’s like, 'Tom’s my favorite,' because I’m, like, normal.

Still, Tom was also born with a creative gene and found his calling in art. He works mostly with ceramics and has quite an eccentric style. But he was right about one thing, and it's that he's the favorite Franco brother.

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Dave once confessed to Vanity Fair:

For people who have met all three of us, Tom Franco is the unanimous favorite Franco. He’s the best one—the best-looking, the sweetest, the nicest, greatest guy to be around. We keep him to ourselves. He’s our little secret.

Considering this handsome lot, it's not easy to get the title of the best-looking bother, but looks like Tom has done it. How could they hide him from us?!

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All three brothers collaborate with each other

It's no secret that Dave and James have worked together before. In 2017, they've made Disaster Artist together based on the infamous film The Room.

However, it took a long time for the two brothers to work on a project as Dave was set on making a name and career for himself first, before he could be associated with his older brother.

As Dave told Irish Times:

As much as I love and respect my brother, I’ve had to distance myself from him work-wise. It’s weird because people think we’re very similar because the way we look and the way we talk is similar. But anyone who knows us really well knows that we’re very different personalities.“He could tackle certain roles that I couldn’t touch and vice versa. I think that’s a great thing, because as much as I like being associated with him, I want to have credibility and my own career.

Interestingly enough, James and Tom don't shy away from working together and have collaborated on several art shows so far, including their famous painted ceramic sewer pipes exhibition at “Pipe Brothers: Tom and James Franco.” Good to know there's now a third Franco brother we can obsess over!

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