Donny Osmond Talks About His Last Conversation With Michael Jackson And How They Had A Lot In Common

November 5, 2019 10:06

In the 70s, the Jackson’s and Osmond’s dominated the music world. So, it didn’t come as a surprise that two young men from the famous music families became very good friends. Now, Donny Osmond is getting on the last chat he had with Michael Jackson.

Donny Osmond & Michael Jackson

The former member of The Osmond’s said he and Michael were buddies, but Jackson envied him because of his marital life. Donny said they would call each other and laugh about what the press wrote about them.

In an interview, he said:

I really tried to help him have some normalcy in his life. He kind of envied me with my marriage and my kids. We’d talk about family and normal things but he just wasn’t able to translate that normalcy into his life.

Last conversation with the King of Pop

Donny recalls the last conversation he has with the late King of Pop before his death in 2009. The singer recounted how both their lives had changed so dramatically and what they had in common.

In an interview with Huffington post, Osmond recounting the chat which was about a year before Michael died said:

Back in the early '70s it was the Jacksons and the Osmonds. It was Michael and Donny. We were kind of, like, parallel.

Donny and Michael came from large musical families. They are both born as the seventh children in families of nine. Their mothers’ also share the same birthday.

Meanwhile, back in February 1974, Donny and Michael hosted the very first American Music Awards. They also presented the award for Favorite Soul Group to The Temptations.

The lives of both Donny and Michael were oddly parallel for a while, however, they obviously went in very different directions later.

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