Iconic TV Mom Julie Bowen Was Pregnant With Her Twins On The Set Of 'Modern Family'

November 27, 2019 17:51

Julie Bowen is an American actress best known for her role as Claire Dunphy in Modern Family. Did you know the star was pregnant on the set of the comedy series?

Mother of three

Asides from being a great actress, Julie is a devoted mother of three kids she shares with ex-husband, real estate investor Scott Phillips. She welcomed her first child, a boy, Oliver on April 10, 2007. Her twin sons, John and Gus were born May 8, 2009.

Bowen who has become an iconic mom on TV said acting as a mother to kids older than her own taught her some valuable parenting lessons.

Julie Bowen’s twins

The Modern Family star auditioned for her role as Claire while she was pregnant with twins. The actress who was able to convince the show creators filmed the pilot when she was almost nine months gone.

Julie spent most of her time hiding the pregnancy behind cereal boxes and laundry baskets to shoot the series. The actress in an interview opened up about the experience.

Speaking to Access Hollywood, Bowen revealed that her children were born the same day she got the job.

“I was giving birth, I was in labour when Steve called to tell me the show was picked up.”

She went on to add that everything changed for her so fast.

It’s over after 13 years

Since 2004, Julie was happily married to her husband, Scott Phillips. Sadly, thecouple split after over a decade of marriage, according to PEOPLE magazine.

Though the cause of their separation is unknown, the actress was the one who filed for a divorce in February 2018. They split their assets of $25.3 million after reaching an agreement, but details on child custody and spousal support were not made public.

Meanwhile, Julie during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live tried to identify her three children by touching their faces. The actress was blindfolded and asked to identify which kids were hers out of five children.

There was no doubt that pregnancy would stop Julie Bowen from being cast on the hit family show.