Daddy’s Pride! 'WWE' Star Ric Flair's Lookalike Daughter Follows In Father's Footsteps And Is A Professional Wrestler As Well

November 8, 2019

Ric Flair is simply unforgettable with his energetic charisma. He is one of the greatest pro-wrestlers of all time. Now, his daughter, Charlotte continues his legacy.

From an early age, Flair has been a successful athlete. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, he started his career in wrestling after he dropped out of school.

He was ranked greatest professional wrestler of all time by his peers and journalists. In his career that has spanned about 40 years, Flair won nothing less than 16 world titles.

Ric who is known for his flamboyant, over-the-top strutting style won Professional Wrestling Illustrated Wrestler of the Year six times. He retired from professional wrestling in 2012.

Ric Flair's daughter

His daughter, Charlotte Flair formerly known as Ashely is one of his children from his second wife, Elizabeth Harrell.

She has grown up to be an image of her famous father. If we compare their image side by side, it will be hard to spot the difference. She has the same piercing eyes, prominent jawline just like her old man.

Charlotte continues her dad’s legacy following in his footsteps. Though Charlotte started wrestling late she has already won the NXT Women's Championship, Divas Championship, and the Women's Championship.

Like her father, the professional wrestler has been divorced twice. Her first marriage to Riki Johnson was short-lived. Charlotte later married Thomas Latimer but the marriage didn’t last long.

Flair himself said his daughter is a better athlete than he ever was. He also noted that she’s one of the few people who picked up really fast.

His other children

Flair has three other children asides from Charlotte. The WWE star Flair had two children, Megan and David from his first wife, Leslie Goodman. His second wife, Elizabeth Harrell. Gave birth to his son, Reid.

We are pretty sure that Ric would be really proud of his daughter's success! It's a delight to see how Charlotte is still continuing her father's legacy.

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