Mike Tyson Admits His Children Dislike Black Kids: "I Didn’t Set A Good Example As A Black Man"

January 14, 2020 12:39

Who would have thought that a boxing star Mike Tyson is a doting daddy! He might be a terrifying mountain in the ring but in real life, he’s as sweet as a candy cane. Myke Tyson has 8 children from multiple women and he recently revealed an interesting detail about them.

Mike Tyson’s kids

Mike Tyson is a father of 8 children – 7 of them is biological but he considers his second wife’s daughter as his own so he always includes her. They are:

  • Gena;
  • Rayna;
  • Amir;
  • D'Amato Kilrain;
  • Mikey Lorna;
  • Miguel Leon;
  • and Exodus.

Sadly, one of the boxing star's kids passed away. Mike Tyson’s daughter, Exodus, was only four when she was involved in an accident. The little one played on a treadmill and got tangled in a cord, which became fatal for her.

Recently, the former world heavyweight champion revealed an interesting detail about his remaining children. Apparently, they don’t like ‘black kids.’

Tyson shared his revelation on ExpediTIously podcast. Mike admitted that his own dark past could have influenced his children so much that they now only want to date ‘white guys.’

He revealed:

You know what bothers me, too, man? And I gotta say this, Why my kids don’t like black kids? They don’t date black kids. Why is that?

Iron Mike continued, adding that he might have been the reason for that as he ‘didn’t set a good example,’ saying:

Sometimes I look at my daughter, and I see she’s attracted to white guys, and I think, 'I didn’t set a good example as a black man'... They must have seen sometimes when I was vulnerable and said, ‘Hey, I don’t wanna be with no one like that. He’s scary.’

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Tyson has three marriages behind his back, two of which failed tremendously. His relationship with his first wife, actress Robin Givens, was filled with anger and scandals. Mike’s second marriage lasted 6 years but he ruined it after admitting that he was unfaithful.

However, it seems that now the boxer finally found his ‘”the one.” He married Lakiha Spicer in 2009 and they have been together ever since.

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Perhaps a string of affairs and failed relationships, as well as anger issues and imprisonment, made a huge effect on Mike Tyson’s children. Nonetheless, even though he might have set a bad example as a black man, he definitely set a great example as a father and that matters a lot.

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