Benicio Del Toro And Kim Stewart Have A Child Together But They Split When Kim Was Pregnant

November 28, 2019 18:05

Benicio Del Toro and Kim Stewart had been involved for years. The couple dated on and off for a very long time but their romantic history was quite different.

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The Oscar-winning actor is known for being extremely private about his love life while Rod Stewart’s model daughter’s romances have always been blossoming and withering in the spotlight.

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However, the unlikely pair shocked the public when they announced that they will have a baby together. Yet, they had never married. What had actually happened?

Kim Stewart and Benicio Del Toro’s daughter

Kimberly Stewart dreamed about living ‘happily ever after’ with her talented beau Benicio del Toro but her wish never came true, even despite the fact that she was carrying his baby.

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The pair split up even before their child, a daughter, was born. It’s believed that Kim wanted to marry del Toro but he considered their relationship as ‘just a fling.’

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A source revealed to Closer magazine:

Kim knew Benicio just considered her a fling. Then when she ended up pregnant, Benicio said he wouldn’t marry her and didn’t want a relationship – but he’d support the baby.

Benicio Del Toro and Kimberly Stewart’s daughter was born in 2011 and the couple named her Delilah. Even though the duo was no longer together when she was born, Del Toro has been playing an active role in his daughter’s life ever since.

Fatherhood has helped Benicio to learn a lot of lessons. A few years ago, he shared that Delilah helped him to learn how to ‘stay cool’ when she’s ‘throwing a tantrum’, which is surely a great skill for an actor to have.

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