'Harry Potter' Star Miriam Margolyes Was Shushed By The Queen In Failed Royal Meeting

January 13, 2020 09:50

The Queen has been living a very interesting life. Throughout her long reign, she met with a lot of famous politicians and internationally-recognizable people. But not all of those meetings went smoothly.

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The funniest royal encounters include:

  • the time when the monarch met Madonna and had no idea who the singer was;
  • the time when Michelle Obama broke the royal protocol and gave a bear hug to Her Majesty;
  • the time when the royal ‘awkwardly’ stared at Shawn Mendes for 10 minutes.

But perhaps the most memorable meeting the Queen had with Miriam Margolyes, the Harry Potter star.

Miriam Margolyes and the Queen

Miriam Margolyes, the actress who played Professor Sprout in the saga about the boy who lived, has a lot of stories to tell about her bright past. But the most remarkable one is probably about her meeting with the British monarch.

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Margolyes was invited to Buckingham Palace for a British Book Week reception a couple of years ago. She was so nervous when the Queen started talking to her that she said that her occupation was ‘the best reader of stories.’

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When the monarch moved on to talk to other people, Miriam continued loudly bubbling, which prompted the royal to shush her.

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The British star recalled:

I kept on talking and she went ‘shhh…that’s enough! It was so embarrassing. If I've got an opinion, I can't help myself. The Queen thought I was an idiot and she was quite right. But I thought she was a little bit harsh.

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People love Miriam anyway

@Cathy Shiny Sheldon:

Ive seen a few of her interviews and I'm not surprised. I think she is hilarious

@Sylvia Lappin:

brilliant and tells some fantastic stories.Loved her on the Graham Norton show.You just never know what shes going to come out with next.Could listen to her all day.

@Steven Jpr:

I love Miriam. She is a National treasure.

People love the 78-year-old for her unexpected comments and surprising tales so she shouldn’t feel upset about what happened. Despite that failed meeting and probably not the best first impression, at least now Margolyes has another funny story to add to her long list!

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