Solange Knowles' French-Speaking Son Grew Up Into A Very Handsome And Smart Young Man

November 5, 2019 12:53

Who is Solange’s son? We know that Beyonce’s sister got married when she was just 16 years old when her first love, Daniel Smith, was 19. They were high school sweethearts and dated for 7 years before they tied the knot in 2004.

Solange’s life completely changed when she got pregnant at 18. At that time, the newlyweds moved to Idaho and the young mom devoted her life to her son.

Sadly, Solange and Daniel’s marriage lasted only three years and she became a single mother at 19. Yet, the singer doesn’t regret anything.

Julez, Solange’s son

Many people fround upon the fact that Solange became a mom so young, thinking she was irresponsible. Instead, Julez became the center of the singer’s life since the day he was born. He’s been her inspiration and her biggest supporter.

Daniel Julez Smith has grown up into a handsome and happy young man. He is now over 6 ft tall and can boast a deep voice and even lets his mustache grow from time to time.

The 15-year-old caught everyone’s attention when Knowles shared a video from her son’s fifth-grade graduation where he gave a speech in French.

The singer received some negativity online for that with her fans demanding to know why her son is speaking French, instead of learning ‘important’ subjects, like African History.

The 33-year-old quickly responded noting that French helped Julez communicate with people from Rwanda, Senegal, and Morocco and called English a ‘white man’s dialect.’ So don’t question Solange Knowles’ parenting skills!

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