We Didn’t Recognize Her! Nancy Pelosi Looked Like Miss America In Her 20s

November 7, 2019 12:31

Nancy Pelosi’s age has no effect on her beauty and her sense of style. The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives still hasn’t embraced a tremendous amount of attention on what she chooses to put on.

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She might have never considered herself as a fashion icon, yet it doesn’t mean that she isn’t one. Pelosi might not like to talk about what she wears but she definitely puts a lot of thought into her outfits.

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The 79-year-old has been like that for years but her hidden love of fashion shows even in her early photographs.

Nancy Pelosi young

How did Nancy Pelosi look when she was young? She was stunning. In her early years, the politician could be the next Miss America but she chose a different path.

Check out 20-year-old Pelosi with John F. Kennedy at his inaugural ball. Wasn’t she just wonderful?

We can see her Italian roots coming through! From charming ingénue in a stylish lady-like dress, she turned into a powerful woman who is not afraid to fight for what she thinks is right.

Pelosi met her husband, Paul, at the university and by 1969, she was a mother of five. She changed her political ambition to being a loyal housewife and a loving mom.

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Yet, she started a Democratic Party club at her home while raising her offspring. In 1976, her political career has officially started and Pelosi has never looked back ever since.

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