Jane Seymour Gushes About Finding Love Again In Her 60s: “Most Women My Age Do Not Find Someone Else"

November 5, 2019 11:11

Jane Seymour thought she would never meet a new love in her 60+ after four failed marriages. But destiny had its own plan for Jane. The actress surprisingly fell in love with a man, whom she knew for 40 years.

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Jane Seymour: age is not an obstacle to love

When fans look at the forever-young and glowing Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman star, they have only one thing in their minds: how old is Jane Seymour?

In February 2019, Jane Seymour celebrated her 68th birthday. She has many achievements to be proud of ahead of crossing a 7-decade line. However like everyone else, Jane experienced a number of disappointments too.

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The Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman actress was married four times. She had ups and downs in all her marriages but Seymour never said a bad thing about her ex-husbands.

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Finding her soulmate

When Seymour divorced for the fourth time, she thought it meant the end of her relationship story. But everything happens for a reason.

Jane Seymour found new love again with her current boyfriend David Green. The funniest thing is that Jane and David have known each other for 40 years as they were close friends at first.

The actress admits:

I think it’s really wonderful I found a contemporary, someone I knew 40 years ago. We both had lives, and now we found one another, and we have another chance.

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Jane added:

I just think it’s pretty remarkable, actually, because most women my age do not find someone else.

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Seymour admits she and David Green do not plan to marry any time soon. They both enjoy their relationship as it is now.

Jane confessed:

I don’t know if I need to get married again.

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Jane Seymour could meet the right guy after four divorces when she was 60+. We wish the actress to be eternally happy in her new relationship. Who knows, maybe we’ll hear the wedding bells for the fifth time for Jane and her boyfriend? Time will show!

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