Kathleen Turner Never Remarried After Split From Her Husband Of 23 Years: “I Was Hurt By The End Of That Marriage"

November 26, 2019 10:22

Incredible Kathleen Turner always knew she would marry one man once and for all. The actress really wanted to be happy with her husband but after 23 years, the couple divorced. What was the reason for their painful split?

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Kathleen Turner and Jay Weiss’ love story

Kathleen Turner doesn’t like when people call her ‘single’ though she admits she will never remarry again after she divorced Jay Weiss.

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Kathleen married real estate developer Jay Weiss in 1984. The spouses have one daughter together. Romancing the Stone star has taken on her Jewish husband’s religion. She also agreed to raise their daughter in Judaism.

Kathleen Turner and Jay Weiss were a role model of a happy marriage for everyone who saw them together. But nobody knows what’s going on behind the closed door. The actress shocked her multiple fans when she and Jay announced their divorce after 23 years of seemed-to-be perfect marriage.

Post-split relationship

Though going through a divorce process is always tough, Turner admits she and Weiss remain on very warm terns after split.

The actress admits:

We're best friends.

But at the same time, Kathleen confessed she has no plans to get married again. The actress explained that she tried herself in this role once and she “was hurt by the end of that marriage."

Kathleen said:

I don’t think I want to marry again. I wouldn’t have to anymore because I won’t have any more children and I think that’s primarily the purpose of marriage – to protect a child.

The actress shared her opinion about modern men:

Then they seem to need to be taken care of. And that’s the last thing I need. I’ve been there, done that.

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As a caring mother, Turner admits that her daughter is her major priority in life and she thanks God every day for such blessing.

I feel so blessed to have her.

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Sometimes, a marriage fails. It happens! The most important in this situation is to stay strong and surround yourself with loving people. Life doesn’t stop after divorce. Kathleen Turner is vivid proof!

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