Val Kilmer Left His Wife With Two Little Kids For A Role In ‘Batman’ And Refused To Share Fortune With Them

November 21, 2019 10:40

Val Kilmer is a talented and successful actor but what’s he like as a father? According to his former wife, Val left her with two little kids as he decided to focus on his career.

Who is Val Kilmer’s wife?

Val Kilmer won millions of women’s hearts after his spectacular role in Batman Forever. While all female fans were dreaming to date Kilmer, most of them had no idea that the actor was actually married.

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Val Kilmer and his former wife, actress Joanne Whalley, met on set of the film Willow. Soon afterward, Val proposed to Joanne. The couple got married in a beautiful ceremony. Kilmer and Whalley have two kids together: son Jack and daughter Mercedes.

Family vs. career

Troubles in paradise started when Val Kilmer left his wife and little kids and went to Europe for the Batman promotion. Mercedes was 4 years old at that time, and Jack was just a baby.

Joanne accused Val of leaving her and their two children homeless. The actress claimed that she was forced to stay in hotels or at friends with little Jack and Mercedes.

She said:

My children should not have to live in borrowed homes or hotels.

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Whalley addressed the court to make Kilmer pay her money so that she could buy a house for her and kids. Val refused to pay.

A friend close to the couple said:

It looks like Val doesn't want to share his fortune with his wife and kids and he's making things as difficult as he can for them. This looks like being a very bitter divorce battle.

Val Kilmer’s kids are all grown up now

Val Kilmer and Joanne Whalley completed their divorce in 1996. The exes reportedly do not communicate with each other after the painful split.

However, Val Kilmer’s relationship with his kids is closer now than during their childhood. Mercedes is 28 and she has turned into a beautiful young lady. Her brother Jack is 24 and he is as handsome as his celebrity dad.

Val Kilmer doesn’t like to recall his divorce with Joanne, but he is definitely grateful for their two wonderful kids together.

We all do mistakes. The most important is what lessons we learn from them!