The Man Behind The Legend: Tom Hanks' Closest Friends, Including Julia Roberts, Give An Inside Look Into The Actor's Private World

November 27, 2019

You may have seen Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts act side by side in some movies but their connection doesn't just end there. These two are actually friends off-screen too.

In 2011, the talented actors teamed off for a romantic flick titled Larry Crowne and the movie became a sweet reunion for Tom and Julia who had previously combined forces in the 2007 hit Charlie Wilson's War.

The actress once described Tom as "alluring" to her "creatively" while speaking to AccessOnline. She added that working with him on Larry Crowne was a "dream come true."

Tom Hanks has also gushed about Julia as well. For her role in Pretty Woman, the actor described her as a "formidable" force.

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Friends share interesting facts about Tom Hanks

Many people are enamored with Tom's acting skills but only those closest to him know what he's really like behind the scenes.

His close friends, Julia Roberts included, recently spoke to People and revealed a few facts about the actor.

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Longtime bud Ron Howard, who directed Tom's 1983 film Splash and 1995's Apollo 13, said that apart from being a great person, Tom's talent is also exceptional.

He’s that good. He’s like one of those athletes who is so effortless that you don’t realize that he’s the game-changer.

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Julia Roberts, who has co-starred with Tom Hanks a couple of times, had this to say:

What doesn’t change about Tom, he is as happy and excited as ever. About work, about friendships. It doesn’t change or wane over time.

Tom's Neighborhood co-star Matthew Rhys also had an interesting take on the famous actor.

How viciously well-read, well-informed and intelligent he is. It’s like dear God, it’s sickening! I get it, you’ve got the world’s generosity and acting talent, that’s fine, but he’s a real mind. He has a great mind, which is equally as infuriating.

Tom's co-star on Broadway's Lucky Guy, Maura Tierney, described the Forrest Gump star as a goofball who loved to make goofy faces and take funny selfies.

An outstanding actor

Even those who haven't directly worked with Tom but have seen him in action recognize and respect his talents.

A few months ago, he was hailed as one of the best actors of all time thanks to a poll obtained by Ranker. And in the course of his career, he has received Oscars, Emmy, Golden Globe, Tony, and many more reputable awards.

These prove that Tom Hanks isn't just a talented actress, he's a celebrated one as well. And these private glimpses of him away from the acting world show that he's basically the whole package. It's no wonder he's loved by many, both on and off-screen.

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