A Costly Affair: Jeff Bezos Reportedly Cheated On His Wife And The Divorce Led To The "Richest Divorce Settlement In History"

December 2, 2019 13:38

Reports that billionaire Jeff Bezos cheated on his wife MacKenzie Bezos could have led to his subsequent divorce.

In January 2019, the Amazon founder and CEO announced that his 25-year marriage to MacKenzie was coming to an end. According to BusinessInsider, the couple tied the knot in 1993 and it was before Jeff launched his business.

The couple reportedly met in 1992 when they both worked at the New York City hedge fund D.E. Shaw. Jeff was a Senior Vice President at the firm while MacKenzie was a research associate.

A year after the two got married, he opened up to his wife about his plans to set up an online bookstore. MacKenzie told CBS in 2013 that she was quite impressed with Jeff's "passion" and "excitement" and she was happy to be a part of his goal.

Reason for Jeff Bezos' divorce

TMZ reported that Jeff's relationship with former So You Think You Can Dance host Lauren Sanchez was what ended his marriage.

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Sources confirmed to the publication that Jeff was dating Lauren in 2018 shortly after she was separated from her estranged husband Patrick Whitesell. It was reported that Jeff and MacKenzie were friends with Patrick and Lauren for years.

While TMZ reported that Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez's relationship started after his separation from MacKenzie, the National Enquirer published compromising pictures of the two and claimed that there was cheating involved.

MacKenzie Bezos' net worth

Jeff Bezos' wife got quite the settlement amid her divorce from the world's richest man.

In June, it was reported that some of Amazon shares, believed to be worth $38 billion would be transferred into MacKenzie's name making it the largest divorce settlement in history.

Forbes also described the payout as the "richest divorce settlement in history," adding that MacKenzie officially became the third richest woman in the world thanks to this deal.

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It was explained that while Jeff Bezos' net worth was $117.8 billion as of August 2019, MacKenzie, who held 19.7 million shares of Amazon, was worth $36.8 billion.

Jeff Bezos and his new girl

In July 2019, it was reported that Jeff and Lauren were still going strong together amid his divorce reports. A source told People that things were going great between the two but there were no immediate plans to get married.

Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, caused a stir when he announced that he and his wife were splitting. Suspicions that a large settlement would be involved were confirmed in subsequent reports. And now, it sounds like all the parties connected to the whole thing are moving on with their respective lives.

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