Empathy, Submission And 5 More Donald Trump's Personality Peculiarities Based On His Body Language

November 6, 2019 11:54

It is no question that body language plays a significant role in people's everyday life. When words are missing, and expressions are not good enough, our gestures always come to the front.

Since Donald Trump became the President, he has attracted many body language experts, his admirers, and ordinary people due to his eloquent speeches and rich mimics. If you are truly interested in finding plenty of unusual details about POTUS, read the information below.

Donald Trump's body language

We chose the best seven Donald Trump's body language traits from Cheat Sheet and Psychology Today.

1. He's emphatic, even when he can't find the words.

Donald Trump sometimes speaks with half-formed thoughts and sentences, but the only thing he feels OK with is using his hand gestures. In other words, it doesn't matter what he says, as he always uses his hands for emphasis on his expressions.

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2. His relationship with Melania has changed

Donald Trump's body language before the election was different toward his wife Melania from the one he has now. He was often seen as protective, proud, and possessive. There was also a lot of love and playfulness in their attitudes on the images. Nowadays, POTUS is seen as a very formal man with Melania Trump, and he often ignores her in public. It could imply there might be a lot of stress and tension in their marriage, or that they are drifting apart.

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3. He doesn't hold back

One thing is right about Trump — he cannot hide his emotions in public events. He is frequently spotted scowling, biting his lip, nodding, sneering, and smirking. It's easy to see how the President feels based on facial expressions solely.

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4. He has moments of submission

Not every Donald Trump's move or speech is assertive or aggressive. Occasionally, the President addresses the crowd with his palms open and out — a non-verbal sign of openness, honesty, and even submission.

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5. He's stressed out

Being a leader is not easy, and though POTUS seems to be confident in the presidency, he also can be vulnerable to stressors. Donald Trump's body language, such as a hunched posture and a tense facial expression, prove that he feels the pressure and stress, too.

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6. The eye roll

During debates, all cameras are on Donald Trump. When he hears something that he dislikes or disagrees with, the camera captures his very distinctive eye roll, which has become a signature expression.

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7. Parallel gestures

Parallel gestures are when both hands move in unison. The use of such gestures creates an impression of authority and persistence. As a result, people are more likely to believe that POTUS knows what he's talking about, even if it is nonsense.

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Donald Trump is definitely an emotional person. It seems he even doesn't try to hide his true colors, which results in a bunch of facial expressions and body gestures.