Brad Pitt's Mom Is "Furious" With Angelina Jolie For Bashing The Actor And Prepares To Confront Her, Reports Say

December 4, 2019 14:41

Understandably, Brad Pitt's family remains on his side amid the fallout of his divorce from Angelina Jolie. The actor's mom, Jane, reportedly isn't a big fan of her son's ex-wife, so much so that she was alleged to have said she couldn't forgive Angelina for the divorce.

According to RadarOnline, Jane Pitt has been determined to give Angelina a piece of her mind for a while now but Brad asked her not to meddle. A source told the website that Brad's mother had to be stopped several times from taking a trip to see Angelina and confronting her.

It was also reported that Jane didn't approve of Angelina saying that she was stuck raising her kids in California because that was where Brad Pitt chose to stay even though she would love to travel with them.

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Brad Pitt's mom wants to confront her ex-daughter-in-law

A recent report by RadarOnline is claiming that Jane is now preparing to fly into California to see her son Brad and this is something Angelina should be concerned about.

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Insiders reportedly claimed that Brad's mom is not happy with the way Angelina has been portraying the actor publicly and plans to let the actress know exactly how upset she is.

Jane is said to be ready to take on Angelina. The source reported:

Jane’s no pushover and she’s furious at the little amount of time she and [Brad’s dad] Bill have gotten to spend with their grandchildren, too.

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The actor's mother is also tired of seeing Angelina "treat her son like dirt."

Jane Pitt prefers Jennifer Aniston

It turns out that Jane may have a favorite when it comes to her son's wives.

According to LA Times, there have been reports that even though it's been almost 15 years since Brad and Jennifer Aniston parted ways, Jane Pitt has a soft spot for the Friends star.

Several sources have revealed that Jane likes Jennifer better than Angelina and will probably be glad to see her son reunite with his ex-wife.

From the sounds of things, Angelina Jolie and Jane Pitt don't seem to get along. Even though things are heated at the moment, fans can still hope for the women to come to some form of understanding, even if it's for the sake of the couple's children.

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