"I Remember Locking Myself In The Bathroom And Crying:" Jim Carrey On His Childhood Fears And Surviving His Dysfunctional Family

December 2, 2019 15:41

Jim Carrey's family problems may have led to a complicated childhood but the actor has grown into one of the most successful entertainers in the world.

The actor has been a famous TV name since the 1990s and his first leading role was on Ace Ventura: Pet Detective which was released in 1994. He went on to star in other hit films as Dumb and Dumber, The Mask and Liar Liar.

There's no doubt that Jim has come a very long way in his career and roles in both comedy and serious-natured projects have proven his versatility and humor.

However, the famous actor had a pretty tough past that he isn't afraid to talk about.

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Jim Carrey's interview on childhood fear

In a 2013 interview with the HollywoodReporter, Jim opened up about his difficult childhood and how it inspired him to write a children's story.

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The actor told the publication that his experience of being "the clown of the family" while "trying to figure out the universe," motivate him to write How Roland Rolls, a kids' tale about a wave who "rolls" through life's hardships.

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Delving deeper into his childhood, Jim Carrey said his parents had addiction issues and as a result, he was usually terrified that they would pass away when he was younger.

I remember locking myself in the bathroom and crying because I thought they were going to die.

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While Jim Carrey spoke about his dysfunctional family, he revealed that his mother was "not well" and could have been depressed. "It was serious," he said, adding that:

I remember being seven years old and my mother at the dinner table saying things like "My brain is deteriorating at an incredible rate!" or "My angina’s acting up; I could go at any time!" Things like that would just shake me to the core. It’s terrifying, but that was her way of getting attention and getting love.

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He explained that he wanted to use the book as a way to help other children who may be dealing with these types of profound emotions.

On Jim Carrey's depression

In 2004, he opened up about suffering depression during an interview with CBS.

It feels like a low level of despair you live in.

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He, however, added that he learned to cope day-to-day by being in the moment rather than spending too much time looking towards the past or the future.

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Jim Carrey's parents may have put him in a position where he had to worry about their welfare and he also coped with his own emotional struggles, but it's pretty clear that he's a survivor. He continues to focus on his acting talent and so far, he has been a huge success. His life is an inspiration indeed.

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