Ant McPartlin's Estranged Wife Lisa Armstrong Hints On Social Media That She's Been “Treated Shabbily” After Appearance At Craft And Design Awards 2019

November 28, 2019 18:29

While Ant McPartlin is in the jungle filming I’m A Celebrity, his estranged wife, Lisa is receiving support from fans.

Ant McPartlin’s wife

On Monday, Lisa won an award for Make-Up Design - Entertainment and Non-Drama award at RTS Craft and Design Awards 2019. The blonde beauty looked gorgeous in an elegant dress as she stepped for the event.

It was reported earlier that the I'm A Celebrity star is pressuring his estranged wife to sign a non-disclosure agreement to hide the details of their 11-year marriage from the public. Lisa has reportedly refused to sign the agreement as their multi-million-dollar divorce battle goes on.

‘Treated shabbily’

McPartlin's estranged wife recently hinted on social media that she's been given bad treatment amid her $80 million divorce' from Ant.

This is coming shortly after the 42-year-old liked a fan's congratulatory tweet, which stated that she has “been treated shabbily.”

Lisa who went home with the award for her work on Strictly Come Dancing vowed "never to give up". Fans of the makeup artist was flooded her timeline on Twitter to show support.

The Strictly Come Dancing makeup artist took a shot at her estranged husband after he refused giving her sole custody of their labrador dog called Hurley. She decided to name her new cosmetics collection “Lisa Loves Hurley” amid custody battle for the dog.

Social media reactions

@ Marjorie Craddock

The best revenge is to succeed. Get your pride back and move on.

@ Sian Rees-dunn

Ohh bore off now, this is boring she's eating herself alive holding all this anger and wanting to get back at him, she needs to focus her energy on herself, self-love and healing. Then move on and be happy.

@ Julie James-johnson

She needs to just get over it and move on, try and find happiness instead of being a bitter ex!! Have some pride in yourself. Leave it in the past now.

@ Sharon Ann Liddle

She really should get a grip and move on, it's embarrassing now ××

We feel for Lisa as she's going through a divorce. She is clearly heartbroken, we hope she finds strenghth to move on.