She Saved His Life, But He Couldn't Be Faithful: Anthony Hopkins Divorced His Spouse After 29 Years Of Marriage

December 3, 2019

When Anthony Hopkins married Jennifer Lynton on 13th January 1973, he found stability in her. The actor later noted that he could ‘prop up’ on his wife which is a quality he was looking for in a man.

For the next three decades, she was his biggest help and support. She saved him from his addiction to drinking and when she moved to London while Hopkins stayed in Hollywood, she gave him the freedom he was craving for.

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Anthony Hopkins met his spouse at the airport when Lynton was sent there to pick him up because he missed his flight. Hopkins was an alcoholic at that time. Despite that, they fell in love and she saved his career, and, perhaps his life.

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The couple never had children but Anthony Hopkins has a daughter from his first marriage. Nonetheless, Anthony Hopkins and Jennifer Lynton were not meant to be.

Anthony Hopkins’ family issues

Even though Jennifer helped Anthony fight with his alcohol addiction, their love didn’t last. Anthony Hopkins filed for divorce after 29 years of marriage.

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Nobody knows what was the real reason for the end of their union. However, many reports say that the Welsh star was not faithful to his wife. He was granted a decree nisi at the Family Division of London's High Court.

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Anthony claimed that he and Jennifer ‘drifted apart’ with time and separated a few years ago. She remained in the UK and he received US citizenship and stayed in the US.

Anthony Hopkins now

Shortly after becoming officially divorced, Anthony quickly moved on and married another woman, Colombian-born antiques dealer Stella Arroyave.

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Stella and Anthony Hopkins have been married for 16 years since 2003. He shared that meeting his new wife was the best thing that has ever happened to him as she saved him from depression. Let’s hope this marriage will last.

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