Liam Hemsworth’s Brothers: The Actor Has 2 Siblings Who Are Just As Handsome As He Is

November 6, 2019 18:23

There are many famous siblings in the world but Luke, Chris and Liam Hemsworth are probably the hottest of all. The star brothers were born in Melbourne, Australia, but the family also lived on Phillip Island where they learned how to surf like pros.

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Liam Hemsworth’s parents, Leonie and Craig, probably had no idea that they will give birth to blonde-haired and blue-eyed gods but we are certainly grateful for such a gift.

Liam is the youngest and, likely, most-known of the Hemsworth brothers not only thanks to his acting career but also to his love life. He was also the butt of his brothers’ jokes when growing up.

But what do we know about Liam Hemsworth's brothers?

Liam Hemsworth’s siblings

Let’s start with the one that many people might know. 36-year-old Chris Hemsworth might look familiar to Marvel fans as he is the actor who played Thor.

No wonder Chris was picked out for this role. Tall, handsome, with abs hard as a stone, and piercing blue eyes – there is hardly anyone who would be a better candidate to play the God of Thunder.

In real life, Chris is as charming as on the screen. Sadly, he is married. He wedded Spanish actress Elsa Pataky in 2010 and the couple is raising three children together.

After Thor, Chris gained international fame and appeared in many films since then, including Men in Black: International and the Ghostbusters reboot.

Let’s move to Luke

Luke Hemsworth is the eldest and, probably, less-known of the star brothers. He is also an actor, who starred in several Australian TV shows and movies, but hasn’t gained as much success as his siblings.

After struggling with finding good acting jobs, Luke decided to take a break from the movies and start his own business. The 38-year-old eventually broke into Hollywood but not as an actor. At first, he worked as a personal fitness trainer for Chris during the making of one of the Thor movies.

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A few years went by and Luke was finally noticed. He landed a role in HBO hit series Westworld. With such good looks and his brothers’ support, we are certain we’ll hear more about Luke very soon.

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