Larry King Suffered A Stroke And Spent Weeks In Coma Which Resulted In Partial Memory Loss And Trouble Walking

November 27, 2019 14:18

Larry King revealed that he had trouble walking and partial memory loss after suffering a stroke which put him in a coma for weeks.

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Larry King: health alarm

Larry King had a very tough year as the beloved CNN host experienced severe health issues. Larry suffered a stroke in March and spent several weeks in a coma.

The host said he had trouble walking after the health scare and even a partial memory loss.

I had a stroke. Everything got better except for my left foot, and I have been rehabbing that every day, and they tell me I’ll be walking by Christmas.

Larry added:

It’s been a rough year, I don’t remember anything since March.

The host had a stroke just a month after another health emergency. King underwent heart surgery.

Larry joked about his health issues:

My head doctor said I have an incomparable spirit.

Larry King’s divorce

Larry King shocked his multiple fans when he announced the divorce with his seventh wife Shawn in August.

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The ex-spouses didn’t reveal the cause of their split then. A source close to the family explained that Larry’s health problems resulted in his decision to separate from Shawn.

Larry was close to dying, and it really shook him. He realized that he hadn’t been happy for a long time.

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We wish Larry King a complete recovery and hope to see the 86-year-old host in high spirits.