'The Real' Jeannie Mai's Mom Didn't Believe Her That She Was Abused At 9 Years Old Saying Abuser “Didn't Mean It”

November 27, 2019 11:47

The Real host Jeannie Mai made a heartbreaking confession that she was abused in childhood. But the worst thing was that Jeannie’s mother refused to believe her own child.

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Heartbreaking confession

Jeannie Mai’s childhood was a real disaster, which she would never wish to an enemy. The Real host confessed she was abused at 9 years old.

Jeannie’s abuser was a teenage relative who babysitting her. This nightmare lasted for 5 years. You may ask why Mai did not say anything to her parents?! Well, she did! She told the truth her mother, but the woman’s reaction was not typical for a loving parent. She didn’t believe her own child.

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Mai recalled her feelings at that time in an interview with People:

The first time I was told as a child that what I saw or felt wasn’t true, that was the first time I learned not to trust myself.

Jeannie added:

When I look at the five years that he abused me, I believed him over myself.

Power of forgiveness

Years later, Mai could forgive her mother, though some people would say that the parent’s inaction and unwillingness to help her daughter do not deserve forgiveness.

Jeannie confessed:

She wasn't supportive to me when I needed her most.

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But after their joint appearance on Hello Nunnay, the mother and daughter have finally reached understanding. Jeannie could forgive her mother.

She explained:

When she listened and made me feel heard, it made up for all those years that she didn’t. That for us has been a huge breakthrough.

That’s what we call the power of forgiveness. What would you do in Jeannie Mai’s place? Could you forgive your parent? Please share your thoughts in the comments.