Actress Tina Fey Gets Candid About How She Got The Scar On Her Face

December 23, 2019

What's the story behind Tina Fey's scar? If you're a big fan of the actress, then surely this question has occured to you at least once. Here's the thing, when we have a celebrity we truly love and respect, it's natural to want to know everything about them.

Tina is one of the most popular comedic writers and actresses out there. Before we started seeing her on our screens as a part of the Saturday Night Live cast, she has been working on the show as one of its writers. In fact, according to her biography, this talented lady became the first female writer in the show's history. So even when she was behind the scenes, she was making huge waves.

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Sure, she still works behind the cameras but seeing her face on the show and also in subsequent productions like 30 Rock and Date Night, she has garnered herself a large fanbase. And as expected, fans are always interested to know some of the most personal details of their idol's life.

The story behind Tina Fey's face scar

Tina is gorgeous and intelligent, but people can't help but wonder about the visible scar on her face. Thankfully, after keeping the full story under wraps for many years, she eventually didn't mind sharing.

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In an interview with Vanity Fair, she began answering the question by revealing that she was hesitant about sharing because she didn't want it to seem like she was exploiting her story.

She then narrated that when she was five years old, she was playing at the front yard of her home, then out of nowhere, a stranger came to her and violently cut her cheek. Tina admitted that the incident was traumatizing and confusing but she did the best she could to keep it from affecting her childhood.

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The Sisters star said that she actually chose to forget about it all for the most part but it became something she had to work through when she started coming in front of the cameras.

The star's husband, composer Jeff Richmond also revealed how he considered his wife's scar to be a source of strength instead of a flaw.

Speaking to VanityFair, Jeff revealed how he believed this past experience actually helped Tina in her career as a comedian.

When you have that kind of thing happen to you, that makes you scared of certain things, that makes you frightened of different things, your comedy comes out in a different kind of way, and it also makes you feel for people.

In her book, Bossypants, Tina Fey herself opened up about the kind of attention she got over the years due to her scar. She wrote that different people approached their questions in different ways but it was all in a bid to learn the story behind the mark.

Even though the scar drew a lot of attention, Tina said it gave her some version of celebrity status as a child. She became known because of it and people were extra nice to her. She didn't think much of it as a child but it did help to ensure her self-confidence didn't plummet.

It wasn't until years later that I realized people weren't making a fuss over me because I was some incredible beauty or genius; they were making a fuss over me to compensate for my being slashed.

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In the end, the scar didn't turn out to be something she had to hide away from, but rather something that made her feel noticed and self-confident.

Tina Fey's lessons on self-acceptance

Many people, like Tina, may have some sort of flaw they have coped with for most of their lives. Now, in some cases, these people are made to feel less-than or unattractive but the actress has always promoted self-acceptance and wouldn't want something like that to keep anyone from attaining success.

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During an interview with Parade, the actress revealed that she felt all women should be "fearless" and avoid bringing people down just to make themselves feel better.

While at the Variety's Power of Women Luncheon in 2018, she also shared that she wasn't going to take her success for granted and intended to help other women too.

I made a vow to myself to not accept that privilege of being the only woman in the room, to make sure I was not a cappuccino machine and to use any power I had to create opportunity for others.

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Not only is Tina Fey one of the most influential comedians and actresses, but she has also been doing her best to help others achieve those same heights. She broke glass ceilings in her career many years ago and thanks to her, people are inspired to work hard and succeed. She sure has moved on from the traumatic experience from her childhood but it's still nice to know this little bit of history about her.

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